Technology Asset Management

Total visibility provides actionable strategies that reduce risk, and save money with real-time data.

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Benchmark 1 is an agentless discovery platform that provides deep insights into your IT infrastructure.

A real time view of hardware, software, virtualization, cloud, and network assets are all visible to Benchmark 1.

Our main goal is to help customers know what they have so they manage efficiently.

Outcome-Focused Services

Software Licensing & Compliance

Enterprise Software Licensing is complex. Our most popular assessment reviews the asset data in your organization against the licensing agreements from key publishers. Microsoft, Vmwware, Oracle, Adobe, and so many others are available. Get both overall view and specific understanding to a user level where you are over licensed and under licensed – and where licenses aren’t being used and could be harvested and used elsewhere and/or possibly savings can be found for the organization

Cybersecurity Assessment:

Gain visibility to your overall state of cybersecurity with real time understanding of where your organizational threat vectors are – ideally before anything were to happen. While Benchmark one provides understanding in real-time where known vulnerabilities may be based on validated industry data – Our Assessment takes the network and device configuration data as well as the overall cybersecurity posture to do a deeper dive into organizational readiness – and ability to adhere to Zero Trust Principles.

Server Optimization Assessment:

Server Workloads are at the heart of all IT Service Delivery – However cost and complexity of Virtualization & Cloud Technology Platforms as well as Software publishers Processor and Core licensing models mean that care and attention needs to be provided to these workloads and where they reside in your organizations. Our Benchmark 1 team use this assessment to show clients that small changes can mean huge savings to their service delivery costs.

Cloud Enablement Assessment:

More and More CIO’s have identified Cloud as an objective for their organization but struggle with decide which is the right mix of cloud vendors to use. Simaltaneously; Cloud vendors offer tremendous deals to ingress workloads – and increase prices with value added services once a client has onboarded. Our Cloud Enablement assessment uses specific Client workload and Security data to identify which workloads may be cloud ready, Which aren’t; and which cloud providers & services may be an ideal fit for a client’s true multi-cloud strategy – removing costs from the model – not increasing them.

Office 365 Assessment

Organizations looking to migrate to Office 365 or Microsoft 365 do well by this assessment in understanding a clear roadmap to migration. Organizations whom already have migrated understand the health of their environment; adherence to best practice; and possible options to improve service and optimize costs associated with what is now largely mission critical service.

Hardware Support & Warranty Assessment

Enterprise Clients pay millions of dollars in support contracts each year on their devices and technology including but not limited to Network; Server, Storage, and more. It’s been realized over years of experience that the ongoing support of technology is an area of huge savings potential – as often deices are under support – but have been retired. Maintenance can be coterminated for savings as well as support could be offered by other organizations with same or even better SLA’s for savings. Our Benchmark 1 Hardware support Assesment ensures your spend is justified and optimized

Modern Workplace Assessment:

Our Client experience is at the heart of the ITIL Service Delivery Model – and whether it be due to Pandemic changes to our businesses, or the fact that we consume more cloud services that are not resident on the end user workstation, or the fact that Desktop Virtualization technology has become significantly less expensive and more practical and significantly more secure – This assessment reviews organizational readiness and steps ( supported by the data delivered thru the Benchmark 1 platform) required to fully implement best practices for making the Client experience seamless and secure in any location.


Proactively manage risks surrounding Shadow IT, and non sanctioned software in an environment by understanding what titles are in existence, what their use is, and if they pose organizational risk by their intended usage or by their secondary functions regarding data collection and more.

Key Challenges

  • Unprecedented compliance & policy concerns
  • Ever-increasing demands on IT teams service
  • Cybersecurity challenges are increasing at fast pace
  • Limited budgets- constrained process
  • Prices of goods and services rising too quickly
  • Tool Sprawl – clients have many tools that don’t provide enough visibility.
  • Lack of time to plan properly and execute a five year plan
  • Shadow IT has become prevalent and does not address compliance and security requirements
  • Software licensing has become increasingly complex and difficult to understand.
  • Hardware-maintenance and support is challenging to efficiently manage.
  • All of this leads to short term decision making that has long term impacts

Why Benchmark 1?

  • Planning based on Real Data Real time
  • Dashboard with all key reports needed to assist in planning
  • Agentless Collection of data makes things very simple
  • Full performance statistics of any device
  • Unlock numerous opportunities to deliver valuable business outcomes 
  • Support Warranty & Renewal Calculators
  • Unparalleled visibility into all aspects of the environment
  • Cloud Migration and Cost Justification
  • Refresh Cycles of equipment
  • Critical concerns and updates
  • Usage Confirmation and Reporting
  • Platform Consolidation
  • Identification of Security Concerns and Issues

How Benchmark 1 works?

Step 1

Real-Time Collection & Catalogue of All data – Including Hardware, Software, Network, All Configuration, Serial #’s, VM’s, all Cloud Environments, Mobile Devices, Print Devices and more.
Simultaneous to Step 1 comparing data against databases for Security Threats, Warranty, Support Agreements; License Position, Cloud Pricing; Utilization Metrics, Best Practices, and Organizational Policy Guide.

Step 2

Step 3

Simultaneous report begins immediately as data is collected, running into actionable information. High-level reports and drill-downs to machine level are all included.
A Certified Asset Manager performs a self-audit against a manufacturer position (License, Support, Cloud Cost, etc.), and both provide a report but updates the tool to reflect the license, not just the tech IT fees.

Step 4

Get an In-depth Look at Your
Environment and Maintain It

Cost Management:

Many organizations have difficulty forecasting usage but you can considerably reduce the annual cloud costs. You will observe reliable decrease in annual operating expense by 29%.


Optimization is a crucial part of your migration path. Using performance driven recommendations to optimize your workloads could decrease anticipated annual cloud costs by as much as 37%.


There are significant cost attached to server licenses and performance benefits to consolidating and even modernizing your server footprint. We have observed that many of our customers’ servers are using less than 25% of their available resources.


Our client data suggests that, on average, 35% of existing server assets will be out of support within the next two to three years. Without action, risks around security and compliance will increase.

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