Webinar | Dec 9th @ 11am MST

Strategic Options to Manage Aging Systems

To be successful in today’s highly competitive market, an enterprise must unlock the full value of their cloud models and the security that lie within it. This is where Red Hat and Benchmark comes in.

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In this interactive webinar, you will learn about the best practices of cloud models, including our strengths in developing cloud-native applications, working with containers, and creating high-value services. With the right tools, you will explore that companies can leverage hybrid cloud environments with increasing agility towards achieving infrastructure automation while maintaining regulatory compliance. You will also learn how to lift and shift your existing workloads to the cloud, deploy across multiple public clouds.  The solution has three parts: 
  1. Best Practices on cloud models, containers and security in the cloud
  2. Repeatable, auditable, and protected infrastructure-as-code deployment capabilities
  3. How do we close the gap in skillset to help the client to accelerate the cloud journey?
Join Red Hat and Benchmark for this webinar to learn how to leverage cloud while achieving compliance within the private or public sector.

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