Job Role

Are You Our DevOps Engineer?

Forget the job posting: It is more important to know why you would want this role.

Toronto ON, Canada (remote)

Shlomo Bielak
Hiring Manager

  • Provides mentorship & opportunity
  • Does NOT use authority or micro-management
  • Broad Technical Acumen
  • Drives by heart to uplift others

Kardam Tiwari Program Manager

  • There to help you focus on your deliverables and not meetings
  • Scrum-master to handle daily customer stand-ups
  • Maintains the customers high NPS score using his polish and content

Matt Cole
Lead Distinguished Engineer

  • 1 of the most creative and advanced technical resources in the world
  • Customers see his true mystique
  • Fantastic and down to earth

About Compensation

We pay very well and adjust based on your skill level and the value you bring.
We adjust your pay as you grow your value with us.

About Company

We are one of most advanced DevOps solution providers in the world. We provide the world with effective engineering methods that
protect the most important resource – YOU. We use our bias to action to reinvent and engineer truly bold IT best practices.

We posted this job without a description or objectives as it is more important for you to see what we bring that would uplift you. Talent is hard to find but so is a really great job.

Why you would join the above?

No harm is tolerated

Work with a team that is without bad apples.

Excited often

Work alongside brighter minds

Shine brightly

Work on projects that grow skills


Given time to gain certs and learn

Don't waste your talent

Work on DevOps / DevSecOps projects

Do you like the above? Apply.

 Life is short spend it with people who will build you up and make an innovative impact on this world. Bold Innovation.