MARCH 8 2021 | 8am EST

International Women’s Day

Virtual Breakfast Event

Join female trailblazers from Harvard Business School, FINTRAC, TREASURY BOARD OF CANADA, Benchmark Corp and SmartCane to explore how the pandemic affects emerging female leaders.

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8:00 am

Welcome from Benchmark: Clea Gigantes and Mallika Kumar, Integrated Marketing Specialist

8:10 am

Panel Discussion

8:45 am

Interactive Questions

8:55 am

Closing Remarks

Distinguished female leaders on our panel:

Carin-Isabel Knoop

Executive Director - Harvard Business School


Exposed as a child to the sometimes fatal consequences of toxic workplaces on family members, Carin-Isabel Knoop attended Harvard Business School to learn how to build better organizations. For the past 25 years she has been leading the School’s research and case writing group and has helped HBS faculty members write more than 200 case studies on organizations and managers around the world. The rest of the time she thinks about how to make their challenging lives better. This led to research and publications in the area of mental health in the workplace, an interest in human sustainability, and a commitment to access and inclusion. Her recent book is entitled Compassionate Management of Mental Health in the Modern Workplace (Springer Publishing). She is also a pragmatic idealist, a soft-serve ice cream lover and fanatic postcard writer.


Mallika Kumar

Integrated Marketing Specialist - Benchmark Corp


Luc Villeneuve

Luc Villeneuve

President - Benchmark Corp

Sarah Paquet

CEO - FINTRAC and 2020 recipient of Women in Communication and Technology (WTC)

Clea Gigantes

Fed Gov Client Director - Benchmark Corp

Jillian LeBlanc

Senior Analyst - Gender & Technology Treasury Board Canada Secretariat

Riya Karumanchi

17-year old CEO of SmartCane and one of Time’s Magazine’s seven young inventors

This is an exclusive event. Spots are limited. Please register now to save your place so we can confirm the catering and deliver your Uber Eats gift card for breakfast.

*Limited Spots Available*


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