• Webinar
  • April 14th, 2021

Modern Software Delivery Automation with Jenkins

CloudBees starts with Jenkins, the most trusted automation server, and has added enterprise-grade security, scalability, management, and expert-level support among its wide array of capabilities to the Software Delivery Automation stack.

Watch the webinar and demo to learn:

  • Best practices for your current Jenkins environment and pipelines - with a demo!
  • Sharing methods using Jenkins to improve your talent constraints
  • Software Delivery Automation - what it is and how it can enable you to sustain and scale enterprise software delivery company-wide
  • About Benchmark’s Engineering Effectiveness Application - what do you need to get the most out of your SDLC?


Profile-Shlomo Beilak

Shlomo Bielak
CTO, Benchmark Corp

Shlomo is the CTO at Benchmark Corp in Canada, a DevOps Institute Ambassador, Continuous Delivery Foundation Ambassador, & Member of the CIO Association of Canada. His mantra to live by is: “I am here to help.” He is focused on supporting the practical side of DevSecOps which stems from his engineering and enterprise architecture background.

Sunil Mavadia
Director, Global Enterprise Technical Architecture, CloudBees

Sunil Mavadia is a Director, Global Enterprise Technical Architecture at CloudBees. He manages the pre-sales and post-sale technical business for the channels and alliances team.

Sunil brings deep experience with DevOps and digital transformation initiatives having lead major transformation projects with his previous experience. At CloudBees, Sunil works closely with prospects and customers to ensure successful implementations of the CloudBees portfolio of Software Delivery Automation and Management products.


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10:00 AM EST


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