Leave your pain points behind when moving to the cloud

Shlomo Bielak of Benchmark Corp talks to HPE’s Jim Richardson

You recognize the transition to cloud is necessary. But what factors should you be considering in how you approach the move to cloud? In this podcast Shlomo Bielak of Benchmark Corp talks to HPE’s Jim Richardson about moving to the cloud without bringing your pain points with you.

Who We Are

Benchmark Corp. helps clients capitalize on digital transformation with our outstanding open source solutions and consultation/ implementations. We bring a multi-vendor approach to complex customer’s problems as they journey to the cloud and navigate challenges, such as hybrid cloud, containers, data security, legacy apps, migration, and 100% cloud availability.

Why Benchmark?

Open Source and
Vendor Partners

Open Source and Vendor Partners

We collaboratively integrate innovations from top-tier vendor partners and our open source eco-system to rapidly deliver proven solutions, customized to fit your environment and achieve your business goals.

Single Point of

Single Point of Accountability

We serve as a single, cost-effective point of accountability across multiple vendor partners, with turnkey simplicity and flexibility

Financing Options

Flexible Financing Options

We offer a capacity-on-demand model, with flexible terms and conditions to fit our customers’ budgets and add upfront value to our vendor partners