Smart Continuous Delivery Is The Path To Digital Transformation


As organizations continue to enhance their software release process they will plan and budget for their road-map initiatives. Adding AI/ML to support the up-time and continuous verification of your software can be very effective once you have automated and reliable deployment pipelines. Adopting a smart Continuous Delivery tool removes talent dependencies related to managing and operating software in production. Moving to a proactive approach with supportive AI/ML. This white paper discusses in detail how this helps nurture a DevOps culture and allow companies to scale into a Cloud-as-a- Service model

In this white paper we will explore:

  • Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps - High-Maturity-Model
  • Uptime Without White-Knight-Fatigue
  • Focusing on Innovation & Creativity
  • The Current Trends
  • Enablement - Tri-Centric
  • ROI

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Who We Are

Benchmark Corp. helps clients capitalize on digital transformation with our outstanding open source solutions and consultation/implementations. We bring a multivendor approach to complex customers problems as they journey to the cloud and navigate challenges, such as hybrid cloud, containers, data security, legacy apps, migration, and 100% cloud availability.

Why Benchmark?

Open Source and
Vendor Partners

Open Source and Vendor Partners

We collaboratively integrate innovations from top-tier vendor partners and our open source eco-system to rapidly deliver proven solutions, customized to fit your environment and achieve your business goals.

Single Point of

Single Point of Accountability

We serve as a single, cost-effective point of accountability across multiple vendor partners, with turnkey simplicity and flexibility

Financing Options

Flexible Financing Options

We offer a capacity-on-demand model, with flexible terms and conditions to fit our customers’ budgets and add upfront value to our vendor partners



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