Vanguard Magazine Profile: Shlomo Bielak want Federal government to become incubator for innovation

Vanguard Magazine Canada wrote a fantastic profile of our CTO Shlomo Bielak! He shares what fires him up about supporting the Canadian Federal Government as they progress on their digital transformation journey.  It’s a long list because Shlomo’s passion knows no borders. What keeps him awake at night: Reinventing and improving agile methods for the GOC and Canadians. He wants Benchmark Corp to play our part to make the Federal government the source of global best practices for digital government and become an incubator for innovation. He’s focused on the challenges leaders are facing and the most effective change practices to help motivate their teams who create and scale the solutions to pivot and embrace innovation. Shlomo also shares some really fascinating ideas on how he provides his team the space to innovate. What does he do?  You’ll have to read to find out.