• Webinar
  • November 24th, 2021

Fine Wine Tasting With Sommelier Magister, Dieter Unruh

Minimize cloud waste with Terraform

Research shows that anywhere between 20%-35% of cloud costs are completely wasted. That’s a minimum of $5 million wasted every day on idle and over provisioned resources. As organizations take advantage of the benefits the cloud offers, that waste will only increase.

The problem stems from the difficulty to provide oversight around the cloud resources:

  • Cloud offers on-demand provisioning, so anyone can spend company money in the cloud without central tracking.
  • Lack of enforcement around provisioning practices. Companies lack the ability to say, “No, developer, you cannot choose the premium instances for your development phase.”
  • Organizations have limited visibility and tracking to de-provision resources outside of business hours for non-production workloads, or clean up resources once they have passed their time-to-live (TTL).

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Shlomo Bielak
CTO, Benchmark Corp

Shlomo, Benchmark Corp’s CTO is building expertise to shift global markets in understanding how to make a transformational initiative scale without heroics. His experience and thought leadership coupled with his talented engineering effectiveness department are creating never-before-seen solutions for Multi-Cloud, DevOps, DevSecOps, and enabling continuous deployment to production for the enterprise. A rich and responsive customer experience is the outcome.

Jim Sullivan
President, Benchmark Corp

Jim is a Channel Sales Engineer for HashiCorp. He’s been involved in technical sales for longer than he likes to think and still gets a kick out of helping customers and partners find their solutions with his products. As an ex-pat, he maintains his Canadian status by constantly apologizing to his curling team for his terrible skipping skills.

Dieter Unruh
Sommelier Magister, Two Sisters Vinyard

Dieter Unruh is our Estate Sommelier Magister. He has worked in various capacities in the wine industry for almost 20 years and has developed a wide range of tasting programs, tours and premium experiences that engage and delight winery guests and visitors. He also is a seasoned traveler which allows Dieter to bring incredible breadth and depth to his role. Dieter became a Sommelier in 2004, and recently attained the ISGM Sommelier Degree designation, and the title of Sommelier Magister. Concurrent with his other experience and education, Dieter has been an Instructor for the International Sommelier Guild for over a decade. He has taught programs and courses at all levels and thoroughly enjoys passing his love and passion for wine onto his students.